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Cloud Services

Public, private, or hybrid, what's right for you?  The service offering of Amadeo Technology Group doesn't just stop at a one size offering.  We ask you how you work and align you with a feature rich portable and industry leading suite of options

Managed Services

No matter what size business you are you'll benefit from outsourcing some day-to-day management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving operations.  Technology fits well into this space.  As a practice an outsourced technical force will see many different ways businesses approach problems and be able to bring those experiences into each place they go.

Professional Services

Technology is a broad term.  Though it's often thought of as the use of computers it really includes everything from the first stone tools to testing the most obscure and abstract concepts in college labs.  The problem with a captive business environment is the absence of fresh ideas, fresh perspectives.  It's not that you don't try.  It's not that you don't keep up with industry magazines and trends.  It's just that you are alone in your space.

There are few better ways to make major improvements than to have someone outside your industry or specialty bring in ideas traditionally foreign to what your day to day operations consist of.

Security Services

The landscape of modern technology has brought security concerns to an all time high.  Protecting your business and clients requires more layers and more stop gaps to keep even the slightest vulnerability from turning into a major compromise.  It is critical to have routine assessments and reinforcement of your entire business and make every effort to preempt the effects of poor security oversight.

Web Hosting and Developement

With the fast pace of the modern world and the internet in the palm of virtually every one of your customers' hands, it's no longer good to have a modern web presence, it's critical.  See how Amadeo Technology Group and can keep you ahead of the competition and in the minds of the people who rely on you.

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WatchGuard Partnership

On-Premise Driven Security As Follows.

  • Border protection
  • Ingress Protection
  • Mobile and Static VPNs
  • Content Management
End Point Protection

Every computer on a network is an endpoint and therefore subject to compromise. Endpoint protection considers exposure to virus, malware and users based on policies directed through a business’s executives and managers.

Internal/External Penetration Audit/Testing

Internal and external penetration and testing audits identify vulnerability to potential hackers, data theft, identity theft and malicious intent from both the Internet and internal networks.


Hosted security services for high resource level and off premise services as follows.

  • Industry Leading Content Management
  • Filtering
  • Optimization
  • Control
  • Reporting





It's how we do it!

Has your company undergone a technology assessment recently?  If not, contact us and find out what’s involved.  The first hour’s free.  And in that first hour we’ll talk about what has you looking for more information.  We can tour your operations or just discuss where you feel you can make positive impact.

With more than 20 years of technology experience and a decade implementing cloud, Amadeo Technology Group can get it done for you.  From Wall Street to Main Street, phone systems to package conveyors, cameras to cloud, high voltage to high technology, we’ve stood up technologies well beyond the average tech companies around the corner. 

It’s easy, no-risk and could potentially save your company thousands in reduced effort and improved efficiency.  And if we can’t help you we’ll direct you to the people that can.  It's how we do it!

Technology Assessment

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Our modern, secure, IoT centric, BYOD solutions enjoy best in class, security and support!

VDI/DaaS: Virtual Desktop Interface (Desktop as a Service)

This is like having your office’s desktop computer ready for you, from any computer you're sitting in front of in the world, as long as you can connect to the internet.

Cloud Backup

Data backup and “Bare Metal” backup along with virtualized contingency servers or desktops ready and awaiting activation. Backups align with business readiness and productivity targets based on matrix known as RPO and RTO, Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective respectively. This is the Point you plan to be protected to and the Time it will take to restore services.

Office 365

Supported and managed Office 365 subscription-based online office and software plus services suite, which offers access to various services and software built around the Microsoft Office platform.

Hosted Exchange

Microsoft’s robust email server, including all the collaborative features, hosted, secured and subscribed to rather than implemented on-premise.

Web and Email Hosting and Registration

IMAP/POP email hosting is still a viable and economic solution for small businesses. It provides communication flexibility and allows close contact with customers. Accompanying IMAP/POP, when you’ve registered a name, is an individual Web Site Host. With access to the world a Web Site is your modern day storefront.

Documents On Demand

Files sharing and collaboration in a cloud manner allows for documents to be made available, secured and accessed from any computer a user can securely logon to a shared location with. Documents On Demand allows intellectual property to be accessible and commutable all while being secure and encrypted.

VMWare Hosting and Implementation

Physical to Virtual and Virtual to Virtual hosting both on-premise and in redundant Network Operating Centers.  Totally Portable infrastructures like VMWare do not require rebuilding your network in the case of changing vendors or moving operations back on-premise.

About Us

Conceived in the Cloud – Born without Brick and Mortar – Grown with Flexibility On Demand for a Clean sheet Peer reviewed and agile architecture by design.



Specializing in legal, financial and health care needs, the on demand HIPAA compliant products and services here are the best in the modern technology marketplace. By leveraging top tier security, support, monitoring, disaster planning strategies and software your business has an immediate competitive advantage at a lower cost. Our business is run in the cloud, giving us a comprehensive product offering and complete flexibility in implementation.

No Unnecessary Costs,

No brick and mortar means no unnecessary costs, no legacy debt and minimal overhead. Every offering from security to disaster recovery is flexible, commutable and can be moved from work station to work station on demand.


Hardware upgrades are done with seamless migration, requiring no necessity to repurchase antivirus software, monitoring or backup.

Clean Sheet

Clean Sheet means an agile and scaleable workflow tailored to the specific needs of your business

Peer Reviewed

Peer review means all of our technology architecture has been committed to quarterly health inspection by leading minds in the industry. By design, the technology stacked for your production environment is tested in real world simulations and tested before going live.

Remote Management and Monitoring

If you have low disk space on a desktop, if the desktop gets a virus, if a server reboots and doesn’t come back online, an alert is sent to a central monitoring system, a documented incident is created and a technical person is alerted. Then if possible remote remediation can begin. All of these tasks are governed by an SLA (service level agreement)

Patch Management

Every software provider releases patches however some are necessary for one customer and not for another. Using a Patch Manger allows a set of rules based on specific needs of a company or site to be applied automatically. The automation removes possible human error and keeps computers and software compliant and aligned with business and department targets.

Remote Remediation

In tandem with Remote Monitoring and Patch Management, Remote Remediation is the availability for technical support to be expedited in 3 basic methods:

  • In the background without interrupting a member of staff
  • In tandem where a technical person and the user can interact together
  • Taking over to where a technical person connects to a user’s computer and prevents the user from seeing or interacting with the computer
System Health and Reporting

As with any information driven service it is the past performance that can help steer the direction. When reporting systems are installed details about a computer’s condition at the moment of failure can be cross-referenced for transparency. Using these same tools health and stability auditing in real time is possible and therefore aids in painting a clear picture of how a computer is aiding a task or process.

Cloud Readiness

Through workflow analysis, the technology used in a business process, can be identified and married to a cloud solution. Sometimes there is an equivalent marriage and other times there are changes required. Identifying the differences can tie them to a cost, justify a benefit, and empower intelligent changes.

On Demand CIO/CTO

Chief Information Officer/Chief Technical Officer. Roles that balance the technical and information flow of a business but are not a financial burden to payroll.

Technical Project Management

Project management driven from a resource with deep technical knowhow and experience. Experience in technical projects is apprentice to journeyman in a manner that the experiences offer efficiency unavailable when a Project Manager does not know the technology being implemented.

Workflow Automation and Consultation

Tasks executed by human resources can at times be replaced by automation on a computer or computers. When activated human resources will be freed to work on other tasks and the workflow is subsequently freed of human error.

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